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keptin wrote in yotr_studios
Greetings, all and welcome to the official Year of the Rabbit blog! As many of you know, agentmonk and I, your friendly neighborhood cosplay artisans, have been somewhat lax in updating our website. In the interests of making it easier for us to talk to you and for you to talk to us, we've set up this LiveJournal. In the next couple of days, we're going to make posts containing all the stuff already on our site, just so it'll be handily archived and tagged for easy finding. We'll also be posting some works-in-progress to see what you guys think of our latest endeavors. In the future, we hope to also post new products, convention news, upcoming events, polls, and all sorts of other announcements so you can know what we're up to and tell us what you think!
Happy cosplaying, and we hope to hear from you all!


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